The Treehole is a modern communication device that earns its namesake from an age-old legend that goes something like this: if you happen upon a tree with a naturally formed hole, you can lean in close and whisper to it your deepest secrets — your secret will be kept safe and live within the tree forever! Pretty cute, eh? Inspired by this folktale, Treehole presents a modern way to store and share your “secrets” with the one you love.

It’s designed to be installed in any room in the house where it can connect to wifi. Using its simplistic interface that’s shaped like a tree, you can lean in leave a secret message for your loved one OR use your smartphone to record something remotely. It’s perfect for the shy guy or anyone looking to spice things up! When they see that its indicator light is flashing, they’ll know they have a secret something waiting for them. All they have to do is press the center button to play!